Details of SA920 and SA930 wheel loader with New design cabin

Recently our engineer designed a new cabin for 1500kgs and 2000kgs wheel loader.

The previous cabin is still on production. You can choose which model you prefer.

The difference between the previous and new cabin is as follow:

1, The front windshield glass is curved, and the view is more wider. You can see the status of the bucket more clearly after the boom is lifted. When the driver is on the seat, he can see the working environment more clearly.

2, The distance between the left and right seats in the cab is larger and the height is higher, so the space in the new cab is larger. Increased the driving space, so it can fit peoples of different shapes. There are luxury seats and armrests in the cab, which make driving comfortable and not easy to fatigue. Entertainment audio system, fan, and equipped with prompt light, safety hammer, fire extinguisher to protect the driver.

3, The air conditioner can be installed on the side or under the seat according to customer requirements. When air conditioner is under seat, in the winter, our feet also feel warm in winter and feel cool in summer. When air conditioner is on the side, the air out from the vent can not only warm the whole cab, but also blow the glass, so avoid the frog in winter.

No matter the previous cabin or the new design cabin, we all choose the best material, so don’t worry about the quality. Hope you can enjoy the working time with our wheel loader.

As many customers prefer this new design cabin, now we have big discount on this model of cabin. If you prefer this new design, don’t hesitate, contact us for the price directly.

SUNARMOUR will provide you best our Products and Service.


Post time: Oct-14-2022

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