3200kgs Outdoor rough terrian forklift for sale SA30Y

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1. Heavy-duty wheel-side reduction bridge, enlarged semi-solid tires. Heavier frame, the work is more stable, more secure.
2. Multiple functions to choose from, side shift, fork pitch adjustment, bucket, grab, etc.
3. Engine Diesel, Euro 3, Euro 5 and EPA4 engines are optional.
4. Articulated steering, four wheel drive.
5. Cabin with high configuration, hydraulic pilot control, adjustable LCD dashboard, large adjustable European-style seat, large rear view camera, optional air conditioner.
6. Heavy duty wheel-side deceleration axle, enlarged semi-solid tires. Heavier frame makes the work more stable and safer.
7. A variety of attachments are available, like side shift, fork distance adjustment, bucket, grab, etc.

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Main Peremeters

Rated load 3200kg
Load Center Distance 500mm
Lifting Height 3000mm
Freedom lift height 150mm
Portal frame inclination front/rear 6°/12°
Max. lifting strength (full load) 372mm/s
Running speed Forward :ⅠGears /II Gears 15/30km/h
Reverse:ⅠGears/II Gears 15/30km/h
Max.gradeability (full load) 20%
Max. traction force 2587Nm
Max. steering angle ±35°
Rear axle swing angle ±12°
Min. turning radius 4800mm
Overall dimensions LxWxH 5400x1820x2630mm
Min. ground clearance 220mm
Operating weight 4600kg
Engine XINCHAI 40kw;XINCHAI Europe III 36.8kw for option
Tires 20.5R70-15


1) Use in airports, ports, stations and other poor road conditions. It has pretty good maneuverability, reliable capability.
2) The running speed is more faster than ordinary forklifts, and the maneuverability is obvious, the engine have big power, the terrain performance is good.
3) Suitable for mountain areas, plateau roads, snow places, construction sites, Mining, orchard pastures, rough roads and mining enterprises, sand and mud.
4) Standard Xichai engine, Cummins engine Euro III can be used at option, It can meet the requirements of different clients. SA30Y Rough Terrain Forklift, 42kw Engine, Euro3, Euro5, EPA 4 Engine for option.

rough terrain forklift

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