Electric wheel loader is becoming more popular

Against the backdrop of achieving the “dual carbon” goal and building a new development pattern of dual circulation in the country, electrification has become one of the important directions for green development of construction machinery. Mainstream domestic and foreign construction machinery enterprises have increased their layout of equipment electrification and actively launched electrified products. Under the dual factors of policy orientation and market demand, construction machinery giants have begun to turn around like elephants.

With the national dual carbon strategy and the high emphasis on environmental protection, electrification has become an important direction and inevitable development trend for construction machinery. Since 2020, some mainstream construction machinery companies have launched their own electrified products, and electrification has clearly begun to accelerate.

The SA910 is Shanju’s first 1-ton pure electric wheel loader, truly achieving zero emissions and zero pollution. The transmission system is matched with high-performance permanent magnet synchronous motors and fixed axis electronic control gearboxes, with efficient and reliable transmission. The overall appearance of electric front end loader is fashionable and atmospheric, and the work efficiency is high. It is the preferred construction tool for coal, earthwork and other industries.

Adopting a large capacity and high-performance power battery pack, it has strong power, reliable performance, and long battery life, meeting the needs of long-term continuous operation;

The power battery pack has a long service life and an ultra long warranty period. It adopts dual gun fast charging technology and can be fully charged in short time

*Driving and riding environment

· Fully sealed cab, noise reduction, dust prevention, insulation, wide field of view, equipped with cold and warm air conditioning, reverse camera, Bluetooth radio, etc. The driving and riding environment is warm in winter and cool in summer, with high comfort;

·Reasonably arrange the control handle, foot pedal, seat position, and other positions to make the operation more lightweight and comfortable.

*Structural components

· Optimize and design efficient linkage mechanism, with fast action, large digging force, and strong lifting ability;

· High intensity design of the working device, CAE optimization analysis, elimination of local weaknesses, ensuring the satisfaction of various harsh working conditions;

· The working device configuration is rich and can meet various working conditions.

* Convenient maintenance

· The gearbox oil inlet is designed with a lead-out type, which is convenient for adding oil;

· The grease lubrication port is designed with a lead-out type, which is convenient for daily butter filling;            · The power battery and radiator expansion tank are arranged in a centralized manner to facilitate the filling of antifreeze.

5ton electric loader

Post time: Apr-04-2023

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