Happy Labor Day 2023!

Happy Labor Day 2023!

May 1, 2023 is Labor Day, happy holidays to all the staff who live here!

After the epidemic is gradually released, our orders are also increasing, and busy workers can be seen everywhere in the workshop. The production line is also a busy scene. Our customers come from all over the world, and the production line also carries the trust of customers all over the world – wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, forklifts, telescopic arm loaders and so on.

Workers and engineers shuttle back and forth in the workshop, constantly improving the various loaders on the production line. From selecting parts manufacturers, purchasing parts, painting parts, to assembling various parts on the production line, every worker completes his work with a serious and responsible attitude.

Quality inspectors will strictly control the quality of each batch of accessories to provide customers with the best quality accessories.

Workers assemble each piece of equipment with a strict attitude to provide customers with high-quality loaders.

The inspectors carefully drive and inspect each piece of equipment that is about to leave the factory, so as to provide customers with the most perfect and suitable loader.

At the end of April, we completed 10 sets of wheel loaders SA920E and SA930E, 5 sets of backhoe loaders SA388, and 12 sets of road rollers SA10 required by customers.

In May, we plan to complete 15 wheel loaders, 15 road rollers, and 5 backhoe loaders. New orders are being scheduled on demand, we will use our best products, the highest service, and the best price to waiting for your arrival!

Every worker is the most beautiful worker in our company!

Once again, I wish you all a happy Labor Day !

All employees of Shandong Mountain Raise Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.   5th May 2023


Post time: May-05-2023

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