4 wheel drive new mini backhoe and loader SA15-10

Short Description:

SA15-10 small backhoe loader is with 1000kg front bucket capacity, 3500kg operating weight,

0.035cbm digging bucket capacity. With YUNNEI 37kw engine, 31.5*15-15.5 tires.

The streamlined frame of backhoe loader increases the fuel tank, the oil port is inclined, and the refueling is very convenient.
ALL hydraulic components adopt famous brands, with long service life and stable performance; large water tank, high temperature resistance.
Hydraulic steering system, easy to control and easy to maintain.
Hydraulic running, equipped with the best Chinese torque converter, continuously variable transmission; brakes services are air on hydraulic disco brakes on 4 wheels with blast pump.
Luxury large driving cabin, safety glass, seats can be for sleeping, fans, radios, air conditioners and more others.


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Main Parameter

Operating weight 3500kg Gearbox model 265 Automatic
Dimensions(L*W*H) 5600×1680×2730mm Axle Load Capacity 4000kg
Max.Digging Depth 2630mm Drive Model 4- wheel drive
Max.Digging Height 3600mm Min.Turning Radius 3000mm
Lifting height 3210mm Pattern Articulated type full-hydraulic
power steering
Dumping Height 2110mm
Bucket capacity 0.5m3 Digging Power of Excavator Grab 15kN
Backhoe capacity 0.08m3 Digging Power of Dipper 12KN
Engine Model YUNNEI Gears F2/R2
Rated Power 37kw Max.Speed 18km/h
Rated speed 2400rlmin Tire Size 31*15.5-15
Max. torque 195N.m Pressure of Front wheel 3.0kg
Pattern Water-coolingm, 4 stroke Pressure of Back Wheel 4.0kg


Luxury driving cab
1. Enlarged cab, safety glass, spacious and bright.
2. The working platform, water temperature, oil temperature, current and working time are clear at a glance.
3. Adjustable seat and steering wheel, easy to use and comfortable.

Compact Design
1. With small rotary radius, hydraulic steering, comfortable and convenient to operate.
2. Hydraulic traction, the boom can level the raised ground and expand the excavation range.

Many Attachments
1. Completely have the all functions of mini type digging machines.
2.With which many kinds of optional components can be matched to meet requirements of different users.
3. Ascendant performance of complete appliance, with extraordinary operation efficiency.
1. Fully equipped with all the functions of a mini excavator.
2. Can be matched with a variety of attachments to meet different requirements of customers.
3. Machine has superior performance and extraordinary operating efficiency.

22-10 backhoe loader

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