Mini telescopic loader 800kgs

Short Description:

The SA1000 Telescopic wheel Loader can reach 4.15m greatly increase it’s working scope, (Quick change ) option attachments: wooden grapple, pipe, pallet fork, grass grapple, rock bucket, bigger bucket, snow bucket, mixing bucket etc. Hundreds kinds of attachments for different customers.
Telescopic boom loader is a new type extend telescopic loader,it can extend it arm when it needs high height ,and it can change more attahcments,for example ,you can use pallet fork,4 in1bucket, grasp fork,grass fork and so on.
Telescopic boom loader is designed for the farmer and agriculture,it can help the farmer inprove the work effiency.

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Main Parameter

1.Main technical specification
Bucket Capacity(m³) 0.4cbm
Operating Weight(kg) 3320
Bucket Width(mm) 1675
Bucket type Heavy-duty bolt on teeth
Rated Load(kg) 800kg (including attachment or bucket)
Wheel base(mm) 2000
Track(mm) 1235
Driving Mode Hydraulic converter, four wheel drive
Overall Dimensions(mm) LxWxH:4600x1675x2580mm
Lifting to bucket hinge pin Height(mm) 4150


1)Radiater: Big, aluminium material, large air volume, small noise and high temperature resistant.

2)Engine: More fuel efficient, starting performance in cold condition
3)Boom & Cylinder: Thick steel for lifting boom making. International standard cylinder, huge digging force.
4)Axle & Tire: Heavy duty hub reduction axle, suitable for heavy industries, gear modulus large amount of evil.
5)Oil tank: Big capacity, good quality filter to keep oil pure, adopt acid-phosphate treatment for tank inside.
6)Cabin: Adjustable steering volume for large space, comfortable seat, radio & fan, rear view camera, air conditioning.


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