Telehandler also known as telescopic forklift, is a multi-purpose forklift truck with off-road performance and telescopic arm.

The features of telehandler are:

1.Flexibility. Telescopic arm forklift adopts four-wheel drive type, with three steering modes (front wheel steering, four-wheel steering, diagonal walking), two-speed gearbox, small turning radius, flexible, fast and accurate operation in a small space.

2.Versatility. The telescopic arm forklift is versatile and can operate continuously for a long time. A range of quick change attachments are available, including forks, buckets, truss arms, vertical gantries, etc. Instead of buying another model, simply add a few available attachments to the machine to increase the productivity, flexibility and efficiency of the forklift.

3.Stability and safety. The telescopic forklift has long wheelbase, low center of gravity, stable legs can be installed in the front of the frame and the boom has automatic locking function for extension and lowering, the engine is placed in the longitudinal center of the frame, which makes it stable on hillside and rough terrain; the weight is evenly distributed and the four-wheel drive improves maneuverability in mud, rocky terrain, sand and snow; the view is wide.

Application of telehandler:

The telescopic arm forklift can use a variety of attachments to effectively complete a variety of different operations and truly become a multifunctional construction machine. It is widely used in agriculture and animal husbandry, logistics industry, dock work, aerial work, trailer transportation, urban infrastructure, industrial and mining enterprise warehouse and other construction sites to lift, transport and stack bricks, wood, steel and other materials, becoming an ideal and efficient loading and unloading tool for modern industry, construction industry and agriculture. With the development of economic construction, the demand for it is getting bigger and bigger, and the requirements for its performance are getting higher and higher.

The market prospect of telehandler:

With the rapid development of China’s logistics, installation and other industries in line with the international trend, the market demand for high lifting, large unloading distance loading machinery is becoming more and more urgent, due to the telescopic arm forklift truck has a large operating range, large stroke extension function of its application is more and more extensive, the popular use of van, the current conventional loader and forklift operation range and the actual operational needs do not fit, there are some unconventional Special operations, such as wall loading and unloading, cross-ditch operations, etc., but also container loading, emptying, stacking operations, such as the use of telescopic arm forklift can shorten the operating cycle, can achieve high efficiency and low cost of operation.

The future of China, on the one hand, the scale of economic construction will continue, on the other hand, the maintenance and renovation of the project will continue to increase, the most important thing is that the cost of labor is getting higher and higher, coupled with the slow strengthening of safety awareness, so that the advantages of the telescopic forklift give full play to more people in need of understanding, which is the purpose of this article.

Post time: Mar-02-2023

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