electric front end loader for garden tractor SA910

Short Description:

The electric loader is Energy saving, saving 70% of the use cost compared with fuel vehicles under the same working conditions;

The battery adopts lithium iron phosphate battery, and the battery cell adopts high-quality brand, supports fast charging and fast replacement, improves the efficiency of power utilization, and has the advantages of muteness and energy saving in line with environmental protection requirements.

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Features of electric wheel loader

•Permanent magnet synchronous/switched reluctance control system ensures stable and accurate walking and lifting control, excellent speed regulation performance, small current and large torque, good motor electronic control matching performance, regenerative braking, reverse connection braking, anti-slip on slopes, etc. Features.

•The power system has high efficiency and complete protection functions. It has its own speed sensor and temperature sensor, which greatly improves the stability and life.

•Adopt large-screen LED meter of excellent brand, with power display meter, chronograph and fault self-diagnosis function, which can display accurately in harsh environment.

•Motor controllers, contactors, power plugs, emergency power-off switches, instrument panels, accelerators and other major electrical components are all made of high-quality brand products.

•Emergency power off switch as standard configuration, in line with European norms.

•Electronic and hydraulic overload protection devices.

•Lithium battery is guaranteed for 5 years or 10,000 hours. The whole machine is guaranteed for 18 months.

Mark: The performance can be customized according to the needs, please contact the sales staff for details.
Product images and data shown are continuously updated without notice.

Main Peremeters

Electric Wheel loader  EV10
AC Motor 4WD Rear camera
Lifting Capacity  1000kg
Lifting Height 2250MM
Standard bucket Quick hitch  Pallet fork
Hydraulic Steering System
High Quality EVPS brand Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity 48V/420AH
Driving Motor Power  11Kw AC
Hydraulic Oil Pump Power 12Kw AC
Tyres Front/Rear 10-16.5



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