Our company carries out spring construction machinery and equipment maintenance to protect the engineering construction

People work hard and spring comes early

Equipment maintenance is the right time

To further improve the spring machinery and equipment maintenance work.

Improve the integrity and utilization rate of machinery and equipment, Our company combines the spring construction characteristics of each project, Prepare for the rainy day, advance deployment, strengthen measures.  Actively carry out maintenance work of machinery and equipment, Ensure that mechanical equipment is always in safe, efficient and reliable operation.

Our company strictly in accordance with the technical requirements of machinery and equipment maintenance and repair, the organization of machinery management personnel, driving personnel and maintenance personnel in advance of the machinery and equipment for each mapping, according to the inspection situation, in accordance with the principle of “one machine one policy”, for each piece of machinery and equipment tailored to develop maintenance programs, clear time frame for rectification, while “on the wall” public maintenance program, so that the driver to do a number of things, so that the maintenance personnel involved in maintenance to remember the maintenance requirements; maintenance of machinery and equipment key nodes, high technical level requirements of the process set a person to operate, shorten the maintenance downtime, to ensure the quality of maintenance, the daily use of the morning meeting time, timely notification of mechanical maintenance process. To make sure that the equipment can participate in the construction after maintenance.

Our company strictly in accordance with the “5S” management requirements, the maintenance of the required parts into the warehouse “double check”, out of the warehouse “application confirmation”, to achieve the flow of equipment parts can be traced; maintenance of the required oil “according to the needs of the distribution”, the replacement of waste oil registered fixed storage, to achieve “vehicle clear, daily clear”; use the construction work in between, all machinery and equipment to carry out a comprehensive overhaul, maintenance and cleaning, in a timely manner. The oil required for maintenance is “dispensed according to demand”, and the replacement of waste oil is registered and stored in a fixed location, so as to achieve “clear vehicle, clear day”; using the interval of construction work, all machinery and equipment for comprehensive overhaul, maintenance and cleaning, timely replacement of lubricating oil, oil, etc., to eliminate machinery and equipment “sick” operation; brake, cooling, hydraulic system of machinery and equipment to conduct a comprehensive hidden problems, and to check the problems in place to rectify, so that hidden problems early foresight, early troubleshooting, to ensure that critical moments mechanical equipment can “pull out, top “.

Our goal is to continuously improve the performance of machinery and equipment

Extend the service life of machinery and equipment

Hold the safety of machinery and equipment

Tighten the safety valve of machinery and equipment

Escort the construction of projects under construction.

Post time: Mar-25-2023

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