Customer service+Customer Success=Cooperation stable

After a customer purchases products, there are four possibilities for the development of his relationship with the company: 1. Keep doing business with the company; 2. Reduce business with the company; 3. Increase business with the company; 4. Leave the company . We are always talking about the importance of CS (Customer Service), and we think that service can help companies retain old customers. It seems that retaining old customers means success. If they cannot retain old customers, companies have to start to find new Customers, the cost is higher, and the sustainable development of enterprises is facing huge challenges.        However, the relationship between customers and enterprises not only has two possibilities of retention and loss, but also two possibilities of increasing business and reducing business, which involves a very important concept: CS (Customer Success).

Under what circumstances will customers increase business? When they make money and need to scale their business, right? Especially in the construction machinery industry, the equipment purchased by customers are all production materials. If the use of these equipment cannot make money, what can the customer use to expand the business scale? It is more likely that customers will reduce or even terminate business. Obviously, the success of a business is closely related to the success of its customers, and just relying on the timeliness of service cannot guarantee customer success. Customer’s success is a long-term, scientifically designed and professionally directed business strategy to maximize the sustainable profitability of customers and businesses. The connotation of customer success goes far beyond customer service itself. In the past, enterprises and customers were transactional, and in the future, enterprises and customers were relational. Between the two, you have me, and I have you, which are inseparable. In the past, customer service was reactive, and customer success in the future is proactive. In the past, a business deal means the order was completed (Deal closed), and in the future, a deal meant the beginning of a close relationship with customers (Relationship starts).

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Post time: Aug-23-2022

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