Experts are optimistic about the prospect of the loader market

The market share of Chinese loader is gradually concentrated, and the industry is evolving towards a stable structure. A few dominant companies in the industry will occupy the market dominance and gain major profits. At present, various industries are working hard on technological innovation, the speed of technological progress is accelerating, and the competitiveness of each enterprise is also continuously improving.

For the loader industry, the implementation of relevant policies after the two sessions this year and the overall improvement in demand in the mining industry will bring real good opportunities. The rapid development of the scale of urbanization in my country, the continuous increase of the central government's investment in rural road construction, farmland water conservancy and subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery have expanded the market demand for loader products.

It is reported that the market share of domestic small loaders is less than 10%. In recent years, my country's small loaders market has developed rapidly, mainly located in rural and urban-rural areas. With the acceleration of urbanization in my country, the demand for small loaders in farmland water conservancy, road construction and housing construction in small towns is increasing.

The central government has continuously increased subsidies for farmers to purchase agricultural machinery, which has led to the rapid penetration of small loaders adapted to agricultural production and construction into the agricultural machinery industry. Since 2009, the government has increased subsidies for agricultural machinery and equipment, and invested more than 10 billion yuan in subsidies for purchasing machines. In 2010 and 2011, it reached 15.5 billion yuan and 17.5 billion yuan respectively, and in 2012, it reached 21.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.90%. The purchase subsidy policy has stimulated the enthusiasm of farmers to purchase machines, and stimulated the development of agricultural construction machinery such as small loaders.

Some industry experts believe that judging from the loader development data last year and the development trend of the entire construction machinery, the loader industry has a promising market prospect this year and is expected to achieve further growth.

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Post time: May-16-2022

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