Feedback of Client in 2023 New year

    The 2023 new year has arrived, and our factory has also started the pace of the new year.

    On January 30, 2023, the Chinese New Year holiday ended and we officially started to work. We set off fireworks and firecrackers to celebrate the beginning of the work in the New Year. The workers happily drove the loading rack with firecrackers, and the colorful fireworks flew up to the sky in a neat manner, implying that we would like to see a hundred flowers bloom in production and export in the new year.

    We just went to work and received product feedback from customers in Egypt. The customer is sitting on the loader, happily taking photos and testing. Through continuous testing, SA933 wheel loader and SA930 wheel loaders can fully meet the needs of customers, and customers are very satisfied. The next cooperation has been scheduled.

    The model fed back by the customer is two models customized by the customer: SA930 – 2000 kg load, 5500 kg body weight (5000 kg standard body weight), and 1.5 m3 bucket capacity (1 m3 standard bucket capacity). SA933 – 2200kg load, 6500kg body weight (6000 kg standard body weight), 1.8m3 bucket capacity (the bucket capacity can be customized, 1.2 standard bucket capacity). If the wheel loader needs to shovel light goods, we can customize and enlarge the bucket. According to your needs, we and our engineers will give you the most professional advice and services. Our workers have decades of experience in production and assembly of loaders, and will provide you with the most perfect car.

    In the new year, let’s go hand in hand and succeed together!


Post time: Feb-06-2023

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