Gasoline Mini excavator new designed

Last weekend we loaded Gasoline Excavators to customer. This is new design mini excavator. Special designed for the market, that have request on the emissions.

As now our earth environment is getting worse. We are focusing on design new mini excavator to use gasoline to protect our earth environment.


The differences between usual diesel mini excavator and gasoline mini excavator are as follow:

  1. Different energy: usual mini excavator use diesel, but gasoline excavator, as the name show, it use gasoline. Gasoline is highly volatile, and diesel is difficult to volatilize, so there are fuel evaporative emissions in gasoline vehicle pollutants. In terms of price, gasoline is more expensive and diesel is cheaper. And gasoline is easy to mix with air, and it is not easy to separate after mixing. The molecules of gasoline are small, while the mixing of diesel and air is uneven, and there is inevitably a partial oxygen deficiency or partial oxygen enrichment. , It is easy to carbonize to form soot, and some odorous organic gases will be generated after diesel combustion. Therefore, there is odor in diesel engine emissions.
  2. Different Engine: usual mini excavator use diesel engine, it is in standard engine emission. Gasoline mini excavator use gasoline engine, and it is with high engine emission.

All the SA08 mini excavator can be set with EPA or EURO V standard engine. We Shandong Mountain Raise Industry And Trade CO., Ltd will supply best our products and service for all customers.

No matter diesel mini excavator or gasoline excavator, they all have high quality and our most sincere emotion.


Post time: Sep-02-2022

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