Share some loader maintenance and repair methods (3)

1. Why is there in the water tank of gasoline engine gasoline diesel engine?

When checking the position in the cabinet (water tank), if the water tank can be replaced with a water tank, there are cases where the water tank is found, and some situations are found:

(1) The cracked oil cooler (water system) in the cooling device freezes and cracks, the water cooler cracks the core and the gasket () device cracks, generally resulting in the phenomenon of low diesel pressure.

(2) The hydraulic transmission water cooler is poorly sealed or cracked, resulting in oil in the water tank. The hydraulic transmission oil-water cooler should be dismantled and inspected.

In order to prevent the water cooler in the water cooler from freezing and cracking, when using the oil purifier during the display season, be sure not to forget to release the water in the water cooler in the oil-water cooler and the water in the oil-water cooler.

2. What are the methods for extending the service life of diesel engine oil for loader forklifts?

(1) Maintain the oil filter on time;

(2) Prevent fuel from entering the diesel oil pan;

(3) Keep the diesel oil pan and valve cover relatively closed to prevent debris from invading the oil;

(4) Select the appropriate grade of engine oil as required;

(5) Change the oil regularly according to the regulations. When changing the oil, the oil should be drained while the oil is hot after the machine is stopped, and the oil pan should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the residual waste oil from mixing with the new oil, which will cause corrosion to the new oil.

(6) Maintain the normal working temperature of the diesel engine. The normal working temperature of the diesel engine is 80 ℃ ~ 90 ℃. If the temperature is too high, the oil will be thinned, the oxidation and deterioration of the oil will be accelerated, and the lubricating effect of the oil will be reduced. If the temperature is too low, the diesel will not be fully burned, and part of the oil and gas will condense into a liquid and flow into the oil pan along the cylinder wall to dilute the oil.

3. What are the reasons for the loader forklift diesel engine touring?

When the diesel engine is running, the rotational speed changes periodically when it is high and low in a wide range, which is called ?°travel?±. There are various phenomena of ?°travel?±. Sometimes the accelerator pedal is in a certain position, sometimes the car is idling, and sometimes the car is downstream under a certain load. The essence of the traveling car is that the normal speed regulation function of the diesel engine is destroyed. Usually, the resistance of the fuel injection pump components (such as racks) or the moving parts in the governor is too large, which reduces the sensitivity of the governor and causes the traveling car; If the matching clearance of the internal parts of the gearbox is too large, so that the change of the fuel supply lags behind the change of the speed too much, it may also cause the traveling car; the traveling car phenomenon may also be caused by the oil circuit failure, mainly as follows:

a. The injector does not work well at low speed, mainly due to the wear of the injector or poor manufacturing quality, which causes no atomization or oil dripping at low speed, but works normally at medium and high speed.

b. The idling fuel supply of the fuel injection pump is insufficient. After the idling fuel quantity is increased, the traveling car disappears;

c. The idle speed limit screw is improperly adjusted, resulting in idle speed travel, and the idle speed limit screw should be adjusted.

4. What are the reasons for the black smoke from the exhaust of the diesel engine of the loader forklift? How to eliminate it?

When the diesel engine is working under load, the exhaust smoke color is generally light gray. It is normal for the diesel engine to emit black smoke when it is overloaded, accelerated suddenly, climbs a slope or works under heavy load. However, it is an abnormal phenomenon when black smoke is emitted under no-load or small-load state or the black smoke is too heavy when under heavy load. The reasons and elimination methods are as follows:

(1) The air filter is blocked, causing the cylinder to be insufficiently inflated, and the air filter element should be cleaned or replaced;

(2) The supercharger is faulty, causing insufficient air supply pressure and incomplete combustion of the diesel engine, and the supercharger should be overhauled;

(iii) If the atomization of the injector is poor or there is oil dripping, the injector should be repaired and checked, and the injector head (needle valve pair) should be replaced if necessary;

(iv) Improper adjustment of fuel supply time, there are two types:

a. The exhaust pipe emits black smoke, and at the same time, there is a crisp knocking sound in the cylinder, and the work is rough. This phenomenon is generally caused by the oil supply time being too early. Premature fuel delivery often also causes difficulty in starting.

b. The exhaust pipe emits black smoke, and there is flame in the muffler, and the sound is dull. This phenomenon occurs because the fuel supply time is too late. If the fuel supply time is too late, the diesel engine will often be overheated, the exhaust temperature will rise, and the engine parts may even be burned out.

In addition, the diesel engine with the automatic fuel supply angle advancer emits black smoke at high speed, which may also be caused by the damage of the automatic fuel supply angle advancer. The automatic fuel supply angle advancer should be dismantled and inspected. If the oil supply time is inappropriate, it can be checked and adjusted according to the above method.

(v) Uneven oil supply to each cylinder

The exhaust pipe emits black smoke, and the machine vibrates seriously at the same time, and too much oil is supplied to individual cylinders, which can be checked and eliminated by the “broken cylinder method”;

(vi) Poor diesel quality

The quality of diesel oil is poor, causing poor atomization, so that it cannot be completely burned. The fuel tank should be cleaned and the diesel oil should be replaced.


Post time: Oct-28-2022

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