Share some loader maintenance and repair methods (1)

1.After the diesel engine of the loader forklift is started, it should run at low speed for 3 to 5 minutes. The purpose is to:

(1) Warm-up: let each part of the body heat up slowly and evenly to reach the normal working temperature, reduce wear and tear, and avoid mechanical strain.
(2) Ensure lubrication: When the diesel engine is just started, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is high, and the lubrication of each part is poor. After the engine is warmed up, the lubricating oil gradually reaches the lubrication parts to avoid dry friction and damage to the mating surface.
(3) After the diesel engine is just started, the temperature of the machine is low, and the diesel combustion is incomplete. At this time, if the accelerator is increased and the fuel supply is increased, the excess unburned diesel will form carbon deposits, which will aggravate the diesel engine emissions. In addition, the excess diesel may also flow into the crankcase along the cylinder wall, affecting the lubrication of the cylinder wall, diluting the oil in the oil pan, reducing the lubrication performance and reducing the service life of the diesel engine.

For diesel engines equipped with exhaust gas turbochargers, more attention should be paid to heating machinery.

If the accelerator is increased immediately after starting, the speed of the turbine will increase, and the oil will not reach the surface of each lubricating part in time, and good lubrication will not be formed.

2. What are the reasons for the sudden shutdown of the diesel engine of the loader forklift and how to deal with it?

When the diesel engine suddenly stops by itself when it is working, do not start the diesel engine again immediately. Carefully analyze the reasons for the inspection and the sudden stop of the diesel engine, and then start the operation after repairing.

The main reasons for the sudden shutdown of the loader forklift diesel engine are:

(1) Sudden shutdown due to failure of the oil supply system. This shutdown phenomenon is caused by the entry of air into the oil supply circuit of the diesel engine or the interruption of the oil supply. Before the diesel engine stops suddenly, the speed fluctuates up and down, and the work is not stable. The reasons for the interruption of fuel supply are:

a. If the fuel in the diesel tank is insufficient, add enough fuel;

b. The oil circuit is not tightly sealed. When this kind of fault occurs, it can be judged by the method of deflating the fuel system after the shutdown. If the oil is pumped by the hand oil pump and a large number of foamy oil bubbles are released at the air release screw, the shutdown is caused by oil and gas in the oil. The tightness of the low pressure oil circuit should be carefully checked.

c. The camshaft of the fuel injection pump is broken or the roll key is broken, and the connecting plate is broken, and the fuel injection pump should be repaired.

(ii) The crankshaft locks up causing sudden shutdown

After shutdown, observe whether the water temperature is abnormal and whether there is water in the oil pan (the oil is emulsified). If the inspection is normal, the crankshaft of the diesel engine should be rotated. If it is difficult to rotate or cannot be rotated, it can be judged that the bearing bush is burned or the crankshaft is locked after burning the bearing bush.

After the failure of the burning bearing bush, the cause should be found out, the oil passage should be cleaned, the crankshaft should be ground, the bearing bush and a few parts (connecting rods, etc.) should be replaced before the test machine can be assembled.

(iii) Sudden shutdown caused by pulling the cylinder

3. What are the main reasons for the early wear of the diesel engine of the loader and forklift?

The early wear of the diesel engine refers to the wear of the main moving pairs (such as piston rings, crankshafts, bearing bushes, cylinder liners, etc.) of the diesel engine in a short period of time, which greatly reduces the power of the diesel engine and increases the fuel consumption, so that the diesel engine cannot continue to be effective. phenomenon of work. The main reasons for the early wear of diesel engines are as follows:

① The new machine runs under heavy load without running in;

② The air filter fails;

③ Improper use and maintenance, poor quality of oil;

④ Poor combustion results in excessive carbon deposits in the cylinder.


Post time: Sep-16-2022

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