Telescopic loader with different attachments loading for French customer

Four units telescopic loaders were shipped on 1st August 2022. These four units were ordered by our regular customer in France. These machines are with various accessories for agricultural using.

France is the most agriculturally developed country in Europe. At present, France has a high degree of agricultural modernization. Agricultural products can not only fully meet the needs of the country, but also export in large quantities. It is one of the countries with the largest export volume of agricultural products in the world.

Therefor our customer ordered these telescopic loaders. This model SA3000(SA930) is our medium size, very convenience for using in farm. The Max.lifting height is 5480mm and Max. dumping height is 4680mm, it’s easier to load and unload on truck. The telescopic boom owns two functions, if not extend it, the rated load can be 2000kg, have same function with normal wheel loader.

This customer this time ordered six attachments: quick hitch, mixer bucket, auger/ drill, 4 in 1 bucket, leveling bucket, rear rake.

Quick hitch,quick coupler, easier for replacing different attachments inside cabin.

Mixer bucket can be used for mixing forage and fodder on a cattle farm or chicken farm, duck farm etc. Of course also can be used at construction work, can mix sand, stone, cement, mud etc.

Auger/ drill can be used for planting trees, also can be used to break tree stumps, as well as drill holes for burying pipes, utility poles, and more. The drill size can be customized, the diameter have 200mm to 600mm, the length can be 600mm to 3000mm.

The 4 in 1 bucket is with four functions: first can be used as common bucket; second can be opened from bottom, dump the materials from bottom, easier for dumping and higher dumping height; third can be used as clamp, clamp stone, wood, grass etc; fourth can be used as leveling bucket, smooth the ground.

The leveling bucket is bigger capacity bucket, usually be used for low density materials, such as grain, cotton etc. One bucket can load more materials.

The rear rake have same function as tractors rake, but the loader have different functions with tractors.

This customer buy these telescopic loaders is also for exhibition, we believe that we can develop bigger business in this big agricultural country.

telescopic loader

Post time: Aug-02-2022

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