The epidemic is over and China is fully liberalized

Once a year the Spring Festival comes, because China has a Spring Festival tradition, foreign working people and entrepreneurial people will go home and family reunion at the time of the year’s harvest, in the face of the approaching Spring Festival, various departments concerned to further improve the prevention and control of epidemics, to provide good operating conditions for the Spring Festival. However, the Spring Festival will drive the development of the flow of people, to a certain extent, will expand the rate of infection of the virus, bringing a shadow of the New Year 2023, but there is no need to worry, in some places in order to prevent the masses from gathering, the implementation of the cross home for the New Year, there are suitable cases can go home early for the New Year, after the New Year in advance to report to the company or telecommuting matters, so as to prevent the spread of the virus also to avoid work delays.

In 2023, although the epidemic has a certain expansion of the situation, under the relative protection of supply to meet, roughly does not affect the development of the economy, because with the country to liberalize the degree of control, the economy is expected to begin to flourish towards the benefits of development, but we face the epidemic can not relax vigilance, must maintain a good attitude to face this thing.

At the end of 2022, after the epidemic is liberalized major enterprises have overseas run to orders, will bring certain economic benefits to employment and enterprises, but also can bring certain economic benefits to the country, because China is the world’s most complete industrial chain system, through a number of overseas orders to snare China, will be China’s three-year economic encounter setbacks further across. It can also make Chinese enterprises and people have self-confidence.

It has been three years since the new crown epidemic, from the initial outbreak in one region to an epidemic all over the country and the world. When the number of infections abroad was overwhelming, China insisted on a dynamic zero policy and sealed control at all costs, which strongly protected people’s lives and won a round of applause. Now that the epidemic has finally ended after three years, China has announced full liberalization, which will mean that the era of full economic recovery is here.

But after the full liberalization, the virus is still everywhere, so it will be crucial to do a good job of personal protection, and each person is the first responsible for his or her own health.
In addition to producing good loaders with heart and soul and serving every customer, we will also carry out daily disinfection and sterilization work for all the cars in the workshop. First of all, we disinfect and sterilize the workshop environment, secondly, we sterilize each car from inside to outside, and finally, we sterilize and sterilize the warehouse parts. Our aim is to never slacken at any moment!

Finally, we wish everyone a happy Spring Festival!